Daenerys Spanking Missandei

It is taking Daenerys some time to get used to the trappings of power. Having her own servant girl is a new experience for her. She is why when encouraged to join her maid Missandei in the bath for her naked cleansing. And baffled when the pretty servant expects to her spanked for a wrong …

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Patreon Spanking Art

Miriam knows that the spanking you give her will be even worse over her knickers. From the full length spanking comic Secretary Spanking POV, available on my Patreon page

Disney Spanking

Hercules is a hottie! And Megara just wants a bit of naughty time with that hunk of a man. Is that too much to ask? Trouble is, he’s also as thick as 2 short planks. Megara tries to make it obvious how naughty she is, but he misunderstands Hercules only knows of one way to …

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Doctor Who Spanking Art

Clara Oswald reckons that her bottom is not the first to be spanked by The Doctor … From the full length spanking comic, Be Careful, Clara! Available on my Patreon page

Roommate Spanking

Will she be next, she wonders?

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